Faucets in an education setting face unique challenges. They must be able to sit idle for long stretches, then respond to sudden bursts of intensive use. They must be safe and easy to operate, protecting children against the possibility of scalding. And of course, they must be able to withstand the tampering and vandalism that often occurs in school restrooms.

Chicago Faucets has been the number one choice of schools for the better part of a century. In fact, if you went to school in North America, then chances are you've already used our faucets dozens or hundreds of times.

We understand the special challenges schools face. That's why we make faucets and fittings that are built to stand up to years of high use and high abuse. From metering faucets that provide safe, efficient handwashing to service sink fittings your janitorial staff can rely on, Chicago Faucets has you covered.

Chicago Faucets has durable plumbing fittings for schools.

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